Take The Poll: How Do You Like To Stretch Your Hair?


Stretching hair… Check it out.

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Shrinkage! #NaturalHair

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Shrinkage is a natural feature of kinky-curly-coily hair, but with shrinkage usually comes more knots and tangles than we’d like.

As my hair started inching out of the TWA stage, it became really important to stretch after a wash.

What’s your favourite method of stretching your natural hair after a wash? You can choose multiple answers if you favour more than one! Please answer the poll, and you could tell us why your fave is your fave in the comments!

Happy Friday!




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Kinky curly Wigs


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As you know I cut most of my hair off… Well here in PA it’s cold and I’m missing my hair to help keep my head warm. Found this cute wig yesterday by Vivica A Fox. Blended my hair with it, I love the big hair look.


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Big chop AGAIN!


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Once again my hair has been chopped off. HEAT DAMAGE got me again. When will I learn ladies. There is no way to heat your hair and come out with no damage at all, my damage was the worst. I tried conditioning , washing, beer rinse. After that I chopped it. A head of healthy hair that is short is better than long unhealthy locs. It’s just hair … Remember… It grows back.


Here is my heat damaged hair


Here is my healthy cut.

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The Natural Hair Care Series


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The Series:
Now that the Sew-In series has ended it is time to focus on our natural hair.
Upcoming Series:
1. Natural Hair Products: The good, the bad and the ugly.
2. Natural hair styles: From TWA’s to flowing hair.
3. Transitioning Tips: Styles and care for transitioning hair.
4. Big Chop : The decision to chop or not, broken down.

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