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Why My Third Big Chop was the Charm

So, in July if 2014 I experienced a hair catastrophe. Following a mini chop in July of 2014, where I tapered my hair due to extensive heat damage in the back I was forced to do another chop. I was already working on growing out my taper as i was limited in ways to style my hair and a tapered cut was not working out well for me. So, i had an event to attend in mid July and wanted to do a crochet style with human hair braiding hair ( mistake one). I watched a tutorial on YouTube ( which does not give you hair dresser status, but i did it anyway) in which a woman used nail glue ( I know!) to seal the knot in the hair. Unlike marley or other synthetic hairs, human braiding hair has a silky quality and can easily slip out and does not stay knotted on the cornrow braid. I used this technique. ( Like a dummy!) I ended up getting NAIL GLUE on my natural hair and to top it off, the style was not as i imagined and was a total FAIL. I proceeded to take the style down and to my HORROR the glue stuck to the roots of my hair and my scalp in some areas. Frustrated and sad I proceeded to cut and this was the final result.

no hair

no hair

I had not been this bald since chemo! I have done previous big chops due to damage but none this short. I felt like a boy and had a slight loss of confidence. I sucked it up and wore big earings and makeup and went on. Some people liked it , I myself felt naked. However I learned what works well with my hair. Other times i cut i never took the time to give my hair TLC. In an effort to gain length giving my hair TLC was a priority now. With that i was able to gain growth and over all and more importantly healthy hair. Six months later her is my fro



I have conquered the dryness and I have achieved thicker hair this go around. I am happy with where my hair is now.

If you big chopped and you feel as I did do not get discouraged. Keep it up, give your hair TLC and watch the lovely results.

Much Love




Winter Hair Blues…

Dry brittle hair giving you the blues ?

Me too! Every winter I deal with the dryness and frizziness of my hair. This winter I have fund ways to battle the winter hair blues.

In a series of upcoming post and videos I will give tips on how to overcome the winter blues and keep your hair happy, healthy and manageable.

Upcoming post :

1. Battle with Dryness

2. Protect the Locs

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The Makeup:Work Your Face Series presents… Foundation: FromThe Best to Great Buys

I love Mac foundation in my opinion it is the absolut best, however is not best for the wallet. Some great foundation buys can be found a Target. One line in particular is Sonia Kashuk. It has everything such as primers, concealers, bronzes, ext. It has liquid foundations and foundation sticks. Both are great. Another Target line is SET they have a great foundation pot that includes concealer.
If you are new to makeup or need help finding a foundation that is a good fit for you try shopping at ULTA,Sephora, or a department store where you can get hands on help and try on various brands. Always be careful when picking a foundation you want it to blend well and look as natural as possible.

Some foundation items are pictured below.

Thanks for reading!!!

Sonia Kashuk line primer and  foundation sticks

Sonia Kashuk line primer and foundation sticks

SET foundation pot with concealer

SET foundation pot with concealer



Mac Mineral Foundation

Mac Mineral Foundation

Next up in Make Up Series: Foundation Application ( Video Tutorial)

” Beauty is only skin deep”

The Series…Upcoming Post and Videos

This summer my Natural Hair Series topic is Protective Styles
For the first time I will be running 2 series at once the other is Makeup…Work Your Face topics are as follows.

Protective Styles
1. Kinky Twist sew-in
2. Styling Kinky Twist
3. Senegalese Twist
4. Braids ( box braids,micros,ext)

Makeup…Work Your Face
1. Foundation
2. Brow Down
3. Eyeshadow
4. Lips
5. Lashes

Love thy self. …

Love thy self. Worry less about what others think. Do what you know is right for you. Your worth should be everything to you. Don’t simply go with the flow of this world. Go with the flow of your own mind and heart.


Kinky/Havana Twist Success

Finally !!!
After numerous fails I did kinky twist that I love.
Being that I have very fine hair my previous twist did not work they would just fall out as soon as they were installed.
I decided to sew them in this time. I braided my hair like i was going to do crochet braids but instead I sewed in each piece of marley hair then twisted it. I love the results. Tell me what you think. Video Tutorial coming soon.
Kinky twist

photo 2